In the Fast Lane

Dog Fancy Magazine - May 2009

Dog Fancy Magazine - May, 2009

This article was written specifically about Anna and her Flyball achievements.

Side note: Shortly after this magazine hit the news stands, Anna had a toe injury. I drove 100 miles back home to my emergency Vet to have her checked out. The doctor felt that it was just a broken toe nail and that she would remove the nail to help it heal. She did not want to x-ray. Knowing how a broken toe could interfere with a dog's gait, I wanted to make sure that her diagnosis was correct and asked her to do the X-ray. While I had been sitting in the treatment room waiting for the doctor I noticed the Dog Fancy magazine in the rack on the wall. The doctor again attempted to convince me that we did not need to x-ray. At that moment, I walked over to the magazine rack and opened to the article about Anna and exclaimed "Do you see this dog? You x-ray her foot!" The doctor said it would take several hours. I told her that I would wait.

Later that night the doctor came out to my RV and told me that I was right. Anna had a spiral break in her little toe. She was glad that I had been so tenacious about the x-ray. Anna was sent home in a huge purple cast and condemned to a crate for several weeks.

You can read the complete article here.

The Desert Sun - February 2007

Anna and Luke both participated in the Woof Gang and 2 Fast 4 Paws Flyball Demo in Palm Desert. It was a fun afternoon with flyball friends.

This picture is still one of my favorites. Much older now, Anna still smiles when she plays Flyball.

Have Ball Will Fly

Anna in the Whole Dog Journal

The Whole Dog Journal - June 2009

The Whole Dog Journal did an article on Flyball and Anna was featured on the cover as well as in the article. You can see her cox turn images below.

Anna's Box Turn
Anna's Box Turn

You can read the complete article here.

Anna in the Whole Dog Journal

Inside Flyball - March 2006

Anna was one of the first dogs to be featured in the Inside Flyball Monthly Online Magazine. This article was written early in Anna's Flyball career. The final quote still hold true today:

"I love how good Anna feels curled up in my lap and next to me when we sleep. She offers so much comfort and an escape from the difficulties in my life at this time. Her focus and dedication to me is so special; we make a pretty good team; just like the cowboy and his horse. We need each other. "

Read the complete article here.


Sports - Flyball Action

Bark Magazine - May-June 2006

Early in Anna's Flyball career her picture was used in Bark Magazine. The article was about Flyball. She is shown demonstrating the "swimmer's turn" at the top of page 54. The author lists her as a Border Collie demonstrating the efficient "swimmer's turn".

Anna runs like a Border Collie, however she does not "see dead people". She has maintained her fast box turn since her the first tournament, August, 2005.

You can read the complete article here.

The Desert Sun - May 2004

Anna was just learning the Box Turn during the time this Article was written. We would practice with 2 Fast 4 Paws in the Palm Springs area early Saturday mornings on my way to care for my parents. This was a time in my life of frequent commuting so I would plan my visits around flyball practice in four different locations.

Our commute included four counties, we lived in Los Angeles County and practiced with the Woof Gang in on Friday evenings (Orange County); 7:30am practice on Saturday with 2 Fast 4 Paws (Riverside County); Wednesday afternoon practice with friends (Orange County); and later in the year we would attend Sunday practice with Lickety Splits in Lakeside (San Diego County).

Anna practiced her drop-ball retrieves while dodging the roadrunners along the greens in Palm Desert.